ERCIM, the European Research
Consortium for Informatics and
Mathematics, offers fellowships for
PhD holders from all over the world

Topics cover most disciplines in
Computer Science, Information
Technology, and Applied Mathematics

Fellows are hosted in leading
European Research Institutes

Next Application deadline
30 Apr 2014

Mio, Matteo, postdoctoral fellow at INRIA and CWI on 2012-03-01

The ABCDE Fellowship program gave me the opportunity to start my academic career in very prestigious research centers and, perhaps more importantly, by pursuing my own research project. FANTASTIC! I'd strongly recommend it to any enthusiastic young researcher.

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Qu, Zehui, postdoctoral fellow at CNR - Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione “A. Faedo” and NTNU on 2011-04-01

Emma is very good administrator. She is helpful and kindly.

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Kriksciuniene, Dalia, postdoctoral fellow at Masaryk University Faculty of Informatics and Institute of Computer Science on 2012-02-01

I am very grateful and proud to have participated in the ABCDE fellowship programme. It was the year devoted to enhancement of my research skills and applying them in new settings and new domain areas. The programme provided an opportunity to reveal and choose collaboration topics with very skilled and supportive professionals I've met during the programme. The great potential for creating and using contact network in my future career was created due to the very successful feature of the structure of ABCDE fellowship framework: placement in the host organization, stays at two more freely selected institutions and also meeting the interesting group of speakers and supervisors during ERCIM seminar. The year has been maybe too short for achieving extraordinary results (although it was more than expected), but I hope that new skills, new contacts, new ideas created during ABCDE fellowship have made good basis for results forthcoming in near future.

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Vesic, Srdjan, postdoctoral fellow at University of Luxembourg on 2011-10-01

My ERCIM fellowship at University of Luxembourg was my first postdoc and was an exceptionally positive experience. Thanks to my supervisor, I had a chance to see the problems I addressed during my PhD thesis from the completely new perspective, and to deepen my knowledge about research in Artificial Intelligence in general. The research team "Individual and Collective Reasoning" also turned out to be a very pleasant place for work, and I made some good friends there. I should not forget to say how much my family and myself enjoyed living in Luxembourg. And of course that ERCIM allows you to visit two ERCIM institutes of your choice anywhere in Europe: such a good opportunity to meet people and start research with new colleagues... Now, it is your turn to apply for an ERCIM fellowship!

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Kane, Bridget, postdoctoral fellow at NTNU on 2012-03-01

I highly recommend the ABCDE Fellowship programme to anyone who wants to get to know European researchers, and build collaborations for future work.

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Butt, Majid, postdoctoral fellow at University of Luxembourg and CNR - Istituto di Informatica e Telematica on 2012-06-01

My experience with ABCDE fellowship programme was excellent and benefited me to improve my research skills. I would recommend this fellowship specifically to the new PhD graduates.

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Sundström, Petra, postdoctoral fellow at University of Salzburg - Department of Computer Science on 2011-10-01

A great program to also get to see some of what you probably would not look for, coming from HCI.

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Jurgelionis, Audrius, postdoctoral fellow at Fraunhofer - Institute for Applied Information Technology and VTT on 2011-11-01

Many thanks to everyone from the ERCIM office and the host institutions! The fellowship programme provides a great opportunity for improving scientific skills as well as for meeting new colleagues and friends.

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Barrón cedeño, Luis alberto, postdoctoral fellow at Univ. Politècnica de Catalunya and Univ. Politécnica de Madrid on 2012-06-01

During my fellowship at the UPC Talp Research Center in Barcelona, I had the chance to work with top researchers in my field on very interesting cross-language natural language processing problems. The support of ERCIM was so good that I have been able to focus 100% on my research. This has been a great year: doing high-level research, meeting a new culture, and discovering a great city.

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Rozanova, Liudmila, postdoctoral fellow at CNR - Istituto di Informatica e Telematica on 2011-12-01

The program is really inspiring and supportive, and I am happy to start living my life as a European researcher.

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Ortiz-gracia, Luis, postdoctoral fellow at CWI on 2012-10-01

I had the opportunity to join Professor Oosterlee's group at CWI in the Netherlands thanks to the Alain Bensoussan one-year post-doctoral fellowship. During this time, I was able to have very interesting discussions with all the members of the team, one of the world leading groups in Computational Finance, my field of expertise. Besides, I could expand my international contacts network by means of the two-week research stays in Paris and Antwerp. Finally, this fellowship allowed me to get a tenure-track position in a research institute located in Barcelona, my hometown. Definitely, it was a unique opportunity to boost my scientific career.

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Giannakos, Michail, postdoctoral fellow at NTNU on 2012-09-01

ERCIM programme brings to my mind Aristotle's quote: "Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance, determines your destiny" ERCIM fellowship is the ideal environment to achieve excellence

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Misir, Mustafa, postdoctoral fellow at INRIA on 2012-10-01

ERCIM provides a unique fellowship opportunity motivating their fellows for an ambitious research career.

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Papatheocharous, Efi, postdoctoral fellow at SICS on 2013-01-01

The most important thing in my experience with the programme is that it has strengthened my overall understanding of my position, role and possibility to contribute and create (or add) value in technology, innovation and business as a professional, both as a researcher and an academic!

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Marfisi, Iza, postdoctoral fellow at SICS on 2012-12-01

My ERCIM postdoc was a wonderful experience! It allowed me to see the way research was done in a private company, travel around Europe, make many valuable international contacts, and most importantly, I was able to work on a project I really liked and that I probably wouldn't have had the freedom to work on elsewhere.

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Marmion, Marie-eleonore, postdoctoral fellow at Université Libre de Bruxelles on

The ERCIM fellowship is a good opportunity to work with experts and leaders in his research field. Moreover, it allows to learn about research in other countries.

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Almpanidis, George, postdoctoral fellow at NTNU on 2012-10-01

One year seemed too short, almost like speed dating, but the friends and research connections I made are real.

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Alekseeva, Ekaterina, postdoctoral fellow at INRIA on 2012-12-03

This fellowship program allows me to realize some of my dreams: to work at European Research Society, to discover a way of living in a new country, and to open new promising opportunities. Take a chance and you!

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Rigolin ferreira lopes, Roberto, postdoctoral fellow at NTNU on 2012-11-01

I stretched widely my skills as researcher and person. Result of in deep scientific amusement.

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Beveridge, Scott, postdoctoral fellow at Fraunhofer - Institute for Digital Media Technology on 2011-12-01

The ABCDE Fellowship programme was fundamental in building my scientific career. The skills and contacts gained during my time at the host institute have been essential to my professional and personal development.

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Sgora, Angeliki, postdoctoral fellow at VTT on 2012-10-01

It was a great experience that I really enjoyed. I met interesting people, I improved my research skills and enhanced my career prospects.

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Komuro, Rie, postdoctoral fellow at NTNU on 2012-12-01

The fellowship not only gives us research opportunities but also encourages us to present our work at a conference and provides generous chances to meet researchers in the other institutes through the research exchange program.

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Patterson, Murray, postdoctoral fellow at INRIA and CWI on 2011-12-01

The ABCDE fellowship programme opens doors to cooperation with international research labs -- while it would otherwise be much more difficult, or perhaps impossible to do so

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Racape, Fabien, postdoctoral fellow at Fraunhofer - Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute on 2013-04-01

The ABCDE fellowship programme gives the chance to develop your skills in leading research institutes and to cooperate with top-level researchers. All is done to enable the fellow to focus on his research, thanks to the ERCIM team. In particular, the seminar allowed me to meet the other ABCDE fellows. It was very positive to share some knowledge with a lot of nice post-docs working in a similar context. I strongly recommend this fellowship programme.

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Said, Alan, postdoctoral fellow at CWI on 2013-04-01

This was a fantastic opportunity to grow as a researcher and establish new contacts both in academia as well as industry.

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Baghaturia, Giorgi, postdoctoral fellow at University of Warsaw - Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics on 2013-04-01

The collaboration with Professor Z. Peradzynski and other scientists at the University of Warsaw allowed me to be aware of the most contemporary achievements in developing a new mathematical methods of solving of contemporary problems in the field of Partial Differential Equations. ABCDE Fellowship programme was a great opportunity for me to be involved in the live process of modern researches in my field and to gain an invaluable experience. I regard this most important for the success of my future plans.

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Ilangko Balasingham, Adjunct Professor

Ilangko Balasingham, Adjunct Professor, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

I have hosted eight fellows at my group at NTNU since 2006, and my impression of all of them has been very positive! My research in signal processing and wireless communications for medicine requires a team that has a diverse research background to solve complex problems. The hosted fellows were specialists in signal processing, physical layer, MAC layer, network protocols, computer networks, optimization theory, and mathematics. Furthermore, they were genuinely interested in learning new skills and getting involved in complex research projects. Most of them contacted me before submitting their applications, which made the match-making process a bit easier. Their contributions have been very fruitful for us: each fellow, on average, has submitted three journal/conference papers during the tenure. I still have regular contact with many of them and will be looking for new fellows! I would also like to convey my sincere gratitude to the people working at the ERCIM offices at NTNU and in Nice for their professional way of handling and solving many practical issues.

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Valérie Issarny, Senior Research Scientist at Inria Valérie Issarny, Senior Research Scientist at Inria

Alessandra Toninelli visited our group ARLES at Inria while she was a post-doc researcher at the University of Bologna. Seeing a great potential for collaborating in our research on socially-aware middleware and her great competence in semantic technologies and access control policies, we offered her a subsequent ERCIM Fellowship in Paris-Rocquencourt. Here, she spearheaded work on Yarta, a middleware for mobile social networks, which is currently one of the main areas of new work on our group, and has also been used by our collaborators at Trinity College, Dublin. She then remained with us as an Inria postdoc, before being hired by Engineering Inc. in Italy with the post of BI consultant. Alessandra is still in touch with the group members. This was a great experience for both the ERCIM fellow and host, and we will definitely be on the lookout for more such opportunities

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Jason Frank, leader of CWI’s research group MAC1 Jason Frank, leader of CWI’s research group MAC1 - Computational and Stochastic Dynamics

Sergiy Zhuk visited my group at CWI while he was a fellow at INRIA. We found his work on data assimilation and his individual enthusiasm so interesting that we offered him a subsequent ERCIM Fellowship in Amsterdam. Before the term of his appointment had passed, he was hired by IBM Research in Dublin, where he will direct a research group on assimilation of satellite data for deduction of ocean flows, and maintain collaborations with us. Overall this was a great opportunity for both fellow and host, and I will be sure to keep an eye open for future ERCIM applicants.

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Jean-Laurent Hippolyte, postdoctoral fellow at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Jean-Laurent Hippolyte, postdoctoral fellow at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

My first experience as a young postdoctoral researcher was even better than I expected. I not only have enhanced my skills and learned new ones, but also met interesting people and discovered another culture and other ways of working and collaborating. The ERCIM Office addressed most annoying money matters so that I could focus on enjoying great scientific work with the help of my hosting supervisor. My personal research project has been greatly influenced by the collective projects in which I was involved, both international and national (inside my host country) thanks to the fellowship. The research exchange trips are particularly enriching: they gave us the opportunity to share experiences with other European research teams in a close and casual way. Overall, an ERCIM Fellowship is a gratifying adventure that I would recommend to any young researcher willing to establish long-term international collaborations

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Marco Giunti, postdoctoral fellow at Inria Marco Giunti, postdoctoral fellow at Inria

My experience with the ABCDE programme is extremely positive. I had the chance to get in touch with top-level researchers and to contrast my background and ideas with those of students and professors of several nationalities. The richness of the environment contributed to stimulate my research; the period spent under the programme has been indeed very prolific. I have particularly enjoyed the possibility to meet other fellows in the seminar organized by the ERCIM office, which in my view was a complete success. It was an excellent occasion to exchange our experiences as well as to establish new connections. I would recommend this programme to everyone in love with serious and outstanding research

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Chakib Bekara, postdoctoral fellow at Fraunhofer FOKUS Chakib Bekara, postdoctoral fellow at Fraunhofer FOKUS

During my 1-year ERCIM fellowship at Fraunhofer FOKUS institute in Berlin, I got the unique opportunity to work on an applied international R&D environment, an experience of great interest for me. I also got the opportunity to attend two ERCIM meetings; the ABCDE seminar and the Marie Curie Symposium, and meet other fellows of different ERCIM programs. What I also appreciated, is the ERP (Exchange Research Program); where I spent two weeks in two other ERCIM institutes, the NetRl laboratory at the University of Cyprus; and the Telematics department at NTNU-Trondheim. These ERP allowed me to extend and strengthen my R&D collaborations with other researchers, and also build long-term cooperation with them.

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